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Our pricing-model is based on active users – employees that can log on and use the solution.

You can upgrade at any time and downgrade from the next renewal date. We also offer a free account for small businesses with one active user. This free account can also be used as an internal demo* or just to keep your content active until it is time again to recruit new employees.

*After 12 months of inactivity, free accounts are removed


We offer subscriptions up to 100 active users that you can upgrade and downgrade directly from the Boardon administration panel. Above that or if you need a custom subscription we offer Enterprise solutions. These can also be purchased by quarterly or yearly invoices. Contact us at for more information.


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First of all, before you decide, start by setting up a free account to get a feel for the solution.

It is easy, free and comes with no obligations!

You have a small business with about 20 newcomers per year.

The Small account suits you.

Your company has about 10 new employees over the year. But during the summer there a lot of extra staff coming in to work.

The Mini account suits you, but during high season you upgrade it temporarily to Medium or Large.

Your company hires about 50 new employees per year.

The Medium account suits you.

You work in a big company with a turnover of more than 100 employees per year.

The Large account suits you.

Your company has special needs or a larger turnover than 200 employees per year.

The Enterprise account suits you.

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